It has been two years since the Treaty of Thornehold and the end of The Last War. However, the peace gained is a tenuous one. Old rivalries do not die easily with the signing of paper, and the rumblings are getting louder and louder. In the midst of the building tension, a new nation is trying to form.

Nestled in Breland, not far from the Mournland, lies New Cyre. A small, but growing, city founded to give the Cyran survivors a new place to call home. Not many accept New Cyre as their home, realizing it exists only on the whim of King Borenal, the Breland King, and former enemy of Cyre. In order to help alleviate these concerns, Prince Oargev married a young Cyran noblewoman and are expecting their first child very soon.

Shadows From Beyond

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