Princess Iradela

Married to Prince Oargev and pregnant with their first child.




The Princess is a rare beauty with smooth, alabaster skin, long, honey-gold hair, and crystal blue eyes so deep, that the meer hint of sadness in them could make an enraged orc cry. She is the daughter of Aridan and Lerrona Na’Devals, unhoused nobles that perished on the Day of Mourning. She had been secluded in a smal school hosted by the Silver Flame (specifically for noble daughters). She met Prince Oargev on a chance encounter in Sharn, where he was visiting the King of Breland to discuss his plans for New Cyre. They were both immediately taken by one another and their romance has become near legendary. Currently, she is preparing herself for the birth of their first child (the clerics of the Flame have assured the Prince she is going to give birth to a male child).

Princess Iradela

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