Lobo Urd'Jen


Lobo Urd’Jen stands around six feet tall and, perhaps surprisingly, is well groomed for a bugbear, though he keeps his hair (fur?) long about his head and face and his nails long, which add a certain menacing feel to his appearance. His arms and body are strong and agile and his gut is fit enough to stay behind his belt. He does not smell entirely unpleasant, supporting the idea that he grooms himself well enough, and, also surprisingly, he behaves in a much more civilized manner than one would initially assume a bugbear might (there are no decapitated heads hanging from his belt), though his behavior is still very uncouth in comparison to most people of civilized society.


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Lobo Urd’Jen is a pirate without a ship. Three years ago he made a drunken bet with a gnome, who turned out to be some kind of trade prince, that somebody could sail to the otherside of Khorvaire and then get back to the Lhazaar Principalities by land within a year and a half. Lobo, who wasn’t so drunk that he couldn’t remember the encounter and who is too proud to recant the statement, set out on a trip to the other side of Khorvaire, where he got off the ship and began his return trip.

Since Lobo is here in Cyre, he is obviously not in the Principalities, and by logic has lost his bet. Not sure what to do next, he went about carousing in the lower wards of the city. There he met a genasi that, coincidentally, was a legitimized privateer from Lhazaar who convinced him to join a crew and become an “upstanding citizen” or some nonsense. Lobo didn’t really care, he just wanted to get the hell out of this place. It smelled like Dhakaan, those up tight pricks. And it would give him a reason to not pay that damned gnome, and, possibly, remove the gnome from the picture entirely, given the opportunity.

Word eventually got out that Lobo was from Lhazaar, which he is, and that he was a pirate, which he was, and he was eventually confronted by a gaggle of big headed idiots. Well they picked the wrong bugbear to mess with.

After systematically impaling, bludgeoning, eviscerating, and/or out right pummeling the thugs, Lobo was arrested by the guard, who he promptly resisted, and thrown into jail. That genasi was kind enough (or perhaps stupid enough, Lobo isn’t sure which) to bail him out. Maybe this guy has something to him, Lobo thinks. Maybe I’ll follow him around a bit, see what he’s up to.

Lobo Urd’Jen was a Marguul tribesman by the age of 12 (NOTE: bugbear are considered mature by the age of 11) which was early, and he received a few sneers for it. He had only hope in his future, and had already found a mate and was to be placed at the head of his own tribe within the year.

Unfortunately for him some of those sneers were coming from the wrong faces, specifically the Dhakaani Heirs that had just begun to “rebuild” in the area. Lobo thought they were making more of a mess than they were fixing and that the Marguul were better suited to reconstruct the area, but that wasn’t really his place to put his nose in, and he didn’t want to.

His mate was a hobgoblin named Katha Magatshen, daughter of an Heir. Lobo had already received her father’s blessing, but there were others amongst the Heirs that did not look so kindly upon mingling between the races. “Our diversity is what makes us strong.” They felt so strongly about maintaining that diversity that they found it just to set a law against it, only weeks after Lobo and Katha were wed. They weren’t the only inter-breed couple, but it was a slap to the face none the less. Lobo went to the local Ghaal’dar to contest the law, but nothing was done, even after he brought Katha and her father as proof of the acceptance between the families, but he was told the name of the Heir who proposed and pressed the law.

So Lobo went to the Heir, a goblin of great ranking within his clan, to convince him to undo the law. After some arguing, the goblin resorted to insulting Lobo, calling him a dirty slaver, a cannibal, among other slanders. In his rage, Lobo killed the goblin with his bare hands, ripping the goblin’s arms from his body.

Not content to hiding in some hole as a rat, Lobo went directly to his tribes men and told them what he had done as a challenge to the Dhakaan that they should come and face him. But they didn’t. Instead they fabricated some crime with which to imprison his wife and exiled Lobo, lest executing him start an outright war between the tribes.

Between his pride and his grief, Lobo couldn’t understand what he should do. After wandering in the wilderness, he found his way to Wyvernskull and drained his money in liquor. With no money left he gave himself to thieving and piracy to pay his bar tab.

After a few months and a little sober reasoning, aided by his unfriendly companions in the port, Lobo made his way to Lhazaar where he enlisted into one unsuccessful venture after another. Seven years later, he met a gnome in a bar and made a bet…

Lobo Urd'Jen

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