Shadows From Beyond

Quinn's thoughts

The crabs… God, I can still feel them. Those things give me the creeps. I can’t wait til we’re out of this damn hole in the ground. I honestly don’t know what these people would do without me. The small one, Plymouth, seems to be the only one I could hold an intelligent conversation with, although he’s a follower of the silver flame… I’ll have to be careful around that one. The Eladrin seems relatively bright, but she’s aloof, and, quite frankly, a bitch. I don’t mind the bugbear, other than the obvious fact that he’s a bugbear, but that brawler… He’d be dead a hundred times over if not for my gift of foresight and Plymouth’s ministrations. Luckily, the big lug knows how to listen and when I shout out, he’s learned to duck. Fighting these goblins has become a game to me. I can see each blow before it lands, I know when to loose my arrow to cause just the right amount of chaos, and I know what words will inspire my allies to keep fighting. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find these lizard men alive and be able to keep them that way long enough to get the tribe to lead us to Stormreach. A city of pirates, rakes, and shady characters… just the sort of place a man like me can thrive in.



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