Shadows From Beyond

Plymouth d'Jorasco's Journal - Entry #2

The past few days have been trying.

Last I wrote, we were hot on the trail of the princess’ captors, delving through the forests in hopes of catching up, despite the sizable lead they had. Hope came in the form of a magical portal. At first, we were unsure as to the nature of the thing – it appeared to us as only some distant tunnel. Usually one expects glowing runes, arcane symbols clearly identifying the mystical passage. Instead we simply saw a distant fleeting form. After a moment of pause, we pressed through it, after the aforementioned form. We were rewarded soon thereafter for our choice to give chase.

The portal led us from one forest to another. The only discernible difference here was that, before passing through the portal, there was a distinct lack of boulders falling upon us. We fled from the earthen rain, into a clearing. It was there we discovered that the sky was not, in fact, falling, but still, the source was no less fantastic. An emerald beast, a dragon, had taken to ripping up parts of the landscape, and attempting to deposit it upon us from great heights. As much as we appreciated the gifts, we attempted to feel into another bit of forest.

This was a mistake, as so often we make. I found myself being snatched up by the beast, and before I knew it, I was hurtling back toward the ground, bouncing off of Lobo like an uncooked ham. After recovering from the drop and sudden stop, I fled to the tree line, finally. There was a great deal of indecision as to what to do. (More coming).



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