Shadows From Beyond

Lobo Rant #1

Damn, blasted fucking humans! They just dont know when to quit when they got a knife in their faces! Dargunn would have killed the lot of ‘em were they there, out of their precious walls and in the bush; living like the real folk do. Not that I’m going back: not after the last time.

Maybe I should listen and watch Plymouth more; get a sense of how these places work and such. The Smoothskins wont like it, and maybe that’s why I’ll do it. It’ll be tough, but I’ll do it.

Gad, every day feels like another mile from home. Maybe more, or something. Dhakaan bastards wont respect the Marguul; wont show them the same right as the rest of the goblins. And all because we’re the “dirty”. Because we do the nasty work of holding the Empire on our backs. And they can’t bear to come down and see where all their money comes from. I’d kill the lot of ‘em if they weren’t so untouchable and holy and shite. They shouldn’t be breathing the same air as Marguul folk.

But the food out here is better. Don’t have to eat gobbos when we’re starving anymore. Never did feel right, that. They are our people. Just smaller and less able, but our people all the same. Maybe one day, after I’ve made myself into something, I’ll go back and tear the Heirs down and put the Margull in the rightful place next to the Ghaal’Dar; make the Empire back up to what it should be: strong and ruthless. Hmmm… But some bugbear won’t get there.

Not that it’ll stop me from trying.

NOTE-My God, it was hard to write that.



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