Shadows From Beyond

Jan 30 Session

When we last left our intrepid adventurers, their ship had been destroyed in a terrible magic storm, they had barely made it to an island in Shargon’s Teeth when they were set upon by a giant crawfish (undoubtedly investigating the blood in the water and commotion in the surf). After dealing the death blow to the crustacean, the group weathered the remainder of the stormy night in a small cave they found along the rocky shore.

(Last session…) They awoke to find themselves surrounded by lizardmen hunters. After a brief exchange, they agreed to lay down their arms and be taken prisoner. Brought before the chieftain, they were perilously close to becoming ‘special’ guest of a feast that they would NOT enjoy when an old, weathered lizardman approached the chieftain. After a quick conversation, the adventurers were bound and blindfolded again. Next they knew, they were in a smaller hut with the old lizardman. He explained in halting common that the group had two choices: find the lost hunters in the ruins to the North, or return to the chieftain to participate in the feast. Making a wise decision, the PCs headed North, working their way from island to island following a crude map the lizardman shaman had given them.

Once on the island, Xavius spent some time climbing trees while the others looked on with a confused eye. Once he came down, Quinn recalled some stories about an ancient keep that was built in the time of Giants on an island of Shargon’s teeth (one of the most Northern outposts of that form of architecture yet to be found). Guessing they were on the correct island, the group headed inland, climbing the gentle slope of the island. At the top, they found the ruins separated by a large chasm. Heading East, the meant circle around the chasm and hopefully gain entrance to the ruins. Unfortunately, a river that seemed to flow uphill (perplexing poor Lobo’s sense) prevented them from moving on. Turning around, they eventually found an old, crumbling stone bridge that spanned the chasm. Fearing for their safety, the adventurers sent over members one at a time, lightest to heaviest. Thankfully, the bridge stayed intact.

Gaining entrance into the inner keep, they found a series of stairs leading down into the bowels of the ruins. In the first room, they found an old pit, obviously a trap that had been sprung, and a number of statues. While they were deciding their plans, two bolts flew out of the darkness, and the battle was started! Goblins, well, things that were once goblins, rushed at the group from all sides while unknown creatures where launching bolt after bolt from the shadows. The adventurers, nay, the HEROES, defended themselves with valor and skill. During he scuffle, Brother Plymouth realized that the pit was fill with a swarm of voracious crabs, yet the goblin creatures, which Quinn was calling dolgrims, fell to their blades and eldritch might. Cleaning up after the battle, Quinn was disposing of the bodies and rotten supplies he found into the pit. Unforunately, the old barrels and crates gave the ever hungry crab swam the chance they needed, and the swarmed up and covered Quinn in a nasty series of attacks. Xavius and Lobo jumped into action while Nadia seemed unconcerned and Brother Plymouth was tending to his prayers. Xavius began enacting a retreat, perhaps from fear of the underground or fear of the crustaceans, while Lobo and Quinn kept battling the swarm (much to Nadia’s amusement). Finally, prayers completed and seeing Quinn down and bleeding from many wounds, Brother Plymouth joined the battle! Lobo, bellowing with rage at the diminutive crabs that have caused so much pain, took a great swing with his massive mace, crushing many crabs and dispersing the swarm.

Wounds tended, a short rest taken, the party continued their exploration of the ruins in search of the lost lizardmen hunters. Following some sound advice from Plymouth, they found two doors that led down into the darkness, but kept to the level they were on (fearing they might pass by the hunters). Eventually, they came to a room filled with four large machines that hummed and vibrated with electrical energy. Tending the machine, was a large humanoid creatures with two long, fibrous tentacles. Seeing Lobo first (who had been ensuring the door was untrapped), the creature launched itself into the battle. Unfortunately for Lobo, the creature landed several claw attacks that left the poor bugbear immobilized and bleeding! The battle through the doorway was intense, with both sides taking and giving terrible blows. The tentacle creature, which Quinn had called a dolgaunt warrior, was joined by two humanoids that seemed to shift form with each moment! These new warriors were quick, and their feints left our heroes exposed and often, bleeding! Not wishing to give up the fight, Xavius forced his way into the room and the tide of battle shifted. First the dolgaunt fell, screaming with rage and pain, then one shapeshifter, then the other, but not before the arcane machine erupted with violent energy multiple times. On one eruption, a majority of the group was thrown to the ground by the diminutive earthquake! And at another eruption, poor Lobo was blasted with a bolt of dark lighting. Singed and hair standing on end, the bugbear fought on valiantly.

Once the enemies were down, Xavius began searching their corpses while Lobo, Quinn, and Nadia worked on disabling the machines. Lobo was able to remove a crystal that seemed to be the focal point of each machine, which, once inspected, turned out to be a crystallized form of residuum! And Xavius had found two magical items on the corpses.

((Please post your own versions!))

Loot found in this session:
  • 43 Gold, 51 Silver
  • Level 3 Magic Item
  • Level 2 Magic Item
  • (4) Gems that can be broken down into 500GP of residuum each
Experience this session:
  • (4) Level 2 Skirmishers: 500
  • (2) Level 2 Artillery: 250
  • (2) Level 1 Minions: 50
  • (1) Level 2 Swarm: 125
  • (1) Level 3 Soldier: 150
  • (2) Level 3 Skirmishers: 300
  • Total: 275 EXP Each (Note that leveling only happens at intervals as dictated by DM)



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