Shadows From Beyond

DM Summary, Session 1(B)

So, we decided to start a new group, and while they were rolling up, I sorted out how this loss affects the story (since I want the PCs actions to have an effect on the story) and followed the ever so unique style of: “Your group has been hired by the Prince…” (I actually had a little bit of RP in there, but it was forced and I had to fall back on the old school).

So, the new group is: Rainclaw (shifter predator druid), Plymouth (House Jorasco Healer), Dorin (dwarf barbarian of doom), Lobo (bugbear rogue [I allowed Skippy to keep Lobo]), and Diesa (dwarf dual weapon fighter).

Essentially, the PCs impressed the Magistrate of New Cyre (who was hiring adventurers to find the Princess) enough to get an audience with Prince Oargev. They were given the details, a crude map, and promises of various kinds and were sent on their way. The first (and only) of the session was a single Zombie Abomination that I did some tweaking to: It had a ranged attack that did some basic damage, and had a single shot power that created essentially a big oil slick (to add a little interesting bits to a big solo fight). The kicker was instead of the ‘rise again’ power, I had the zombie explode then reform into 4 smaller versions (same basic attacks, but not special powers). The 4 new zombies had a bit more HP than the ‘re-risen zombie, but I think that was ok.

The fight went well, though I had some issues with the mechanics I laid out for the oil slick (Jason helped me there) and I didn’t take into account of the dwarves power to avoid falling down. I forced the knockdown on the explosion for cinematic reasons, but I know that’s not always the best plan. My general comments:

  • Barbarian damage is just plain silly. Dorin got a massive 57 point critical strike (using an executioner’s axe).
  • Adding a special effect / terrain without really working through the mechanic (especially looking at who is going to be affected by the effect) is not good.
  • I need a better combat tracker [edit: think I found one]
  • Healer’s are good.

So, I’m going to be doing some tweaking of the next set of encounters (sorry for the combat-heavy railroad right now, but I think the situation requires it, and you guys could have always tried to talk your way out of the zombie fight).

I’m going to put up a post in a few days that covers a view of the events from a third part to give the players a view of other actions that may be happening around the world.



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